Foot problems are a common occurrence. At one time or another just about everyone will experience either pain or discomfort in their feet. While there are some things that can be done to minimize or prevent problems, they are still likely to occur simply because we use our feet all the time and they bear a lot of weight. Wearing shoes made of quality materials and with adequate support and solid construction can make a big difference. Visiting an orthotist as soon as major problems arise is a good idea and wearing shoes which are the correct size can also lessen the likelihood of foot problems.



We offer global technologies, Italian made with a range of devices for Gait and Motion Analysis, Posture Evaluation with the use of Baropodometric Platforms & Cameras, as well as Easycad for CAD-CAM orthotic production. The platforms are used for detecting patient’s foot loads and their posture during standing and walking as well as balance evaluation (stabilometry), representing the highest innovation for flexibility, functionality, and reliability. The different evaluation devices are integrated into a single database for analyzing and comparing different pathologies and treatments.


Static Analysis

Evaluation of pressure loads without shoes while standing still.


Dynamic Analysis

Acquisition in real time walking & running.


Stabilometric Analysis

Evaluation & Study of balance control.


3D Modelling Software For Foot Orthotics Production

We offer 100% Custom fit Insoles according to the patient’s feet. The insoles are designed through CAD software and Milled to ensure accuracy by the combination of the Orthopaedic technique and the modern technology of milling.


Motionquest Software

A system based on a scientific basis and together with the Orthotist, the software provides a selection of suitable running shoes and Insoles. Currex, globally known for its leading lab that focuses on footwear research and technologies, currently provides and has provided shoe finding solutions to leading footwear companies such as Mizuno, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Ecco, and Lowa among others.